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Dedicated Trial Lawyer on Your Side

Founded on nearly 30 years of successful trial practice, Molland Law has the experience and service you need to protect your well-being.
If you have been injured, whether physically or financially or through undue influence, we’re here to defend your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve.
When you or your client are facing a trial, you can trust the skill and perspective of Michael Molland, a trial lawyer with nearly 30 years of actual trial experience.
If you have been injured by negligence, fraud, or a defective product, we will protect your rights and fight for the compensation you need
and deserve.

Protecting Your Health and Wealth

When your health, assets, and property are on the line, we’re here to protect you.

At Molland Law, we are dedicated to defending the people and businesses of our community from abuse and exploitation. We stand up for the rights of the aging and their children, protecting their peace of mind, health, property, and wealth as they grow older.

If you or someone you know, such as a parent or client, have suffered a personal or financial injury—whether from elder abuse or undue influence, a defective product, fraud, or negligence—you can be confident that Molland Law will champion your cause.

If you or a client are facing a trial and need a trial lawyer to even the odds, Molland Law has the experience and trial skill to take your case to a jury.

With nearly 30 years of experience at two of America’s largest corporate law firms, Michael Molland will prepare your case with the same dedication and service that he gave to Fortune 500 companies. Our extensive courtroom experience means we will prepare your case for your trial and take it to verdict, if necessary. Our firm is honest and respectful of our clients and fearless when defending them from their adversaries.

Contact us today to meet with an experienced Petaluma and Northern California trial lawyer who will be committed to you and your cause.


Michael tried his first jury trial in 1986. Since then, he has handled many influential cases with a track record of success. In 2013, Michael founded Molland Law. Here, he continues to work on the same kinds of cases he has worked on for over two decades, using his skills for the good of the people in our Northern California communities.