Hello- I am a trial attorney and elder advocate. For decades I successfully took cases to trial as a partner at two of America’s largest law firms. In 2013 I started my own firm to use my trial skills to stand up for the most vulnerable in our community who must trust others to care for their health and their money. When that trust is abused, I take their side and fight to restore it.


  • “I retained Michael Molland shortly before my case was set for trial to represent me at the trial itself… He is an excellent trial attorney who I would highly recommend to clients with cases both small and large.”
    -Alan B

  • “Molland Law and Michael Molland in particular, prepared and tried a case for our businesses… He is a skilled litigator and his discovery technique is unmatched… t was a very difficult time and the result was great.”
    -SaraBeth B

  • “For over 20 years I have used the legal services provided by Michael Molland and without exception I can attest to his professionalism, expert knowledge and experience. ” – Jim C.

  • “Michael took our case because he believed in our cause and wanted to help us make a difference in our community.” – Donna S.

  • “He tirelessly gave us thoughtful advice and attention. He was proactive, engaging and relentless in the advocacy of our issues.” – Sue B

  • “He fights for the rights of the individual/group/organization while employing intelligent strategies, honest opinions, knowledgeable insight, and bankable trust.” – Jason M

Elder Advocate and Trial Lawyer on Your Side

After years as a corporate trial lawyer, I now work for individuals and their families to ensure the trust they place in others is honored. When those they trust injure their wealth, or their health- it’s my job to get them restitution. Here’s why I have the experience and dedication to do it.


Who I am:

I am a trial lawyer. For over two decades, I tried cases successfully as a partner at two of America’s largest corporate law firms. However, I wanted to make more of a difference in the lives of the families who live and work in our local communities in Northern California, where my family lives. So in 2013, I started my own firm -- Molland Law -- to do that.

What I do:

I prepare and take cases to trial for people or small business up against big law firms, corporations, or insurance companies. I do that by standing up for the most vulnerable in our communities and especially the aging population and their families who support them. Injury comes in many forms: dishonesty or fraud, or abuse by uncaring caregivers or fiduciaries. As we age, more and more of our relationships become fiduciary in nature, meaning we must rely on others who we trust to care for our health and money and our well-being. When that trust is abused, I fight to right the wrong.

What I believe in:

I’m a trial lawyer because it’s the work I believe in. At trial, a lawyer has the privilege to stand for the principles that make our lives worth living -- trust and loyalty between people, and honesty and fairness in doing business. Those principles decide whether you will succeed at trial, because, ultimately, that’s what counts to a jury. These are the values that guide my practice: trust and loyalty in my relationships, and honesty and fairness in how I do business. For some, these values are just words, but I believe this practice is my chance to make these values real as I solve the concrete problems of my clients.

My philosophy of trial:

I believe a lawyer wins a case by standing for the values a community holds dear. My client’s case will be decided by a judge or jury that lives where they live. I know from my experience as a trial lawyer that they almost always want to do the right thing. They want to stand for the principles of trust and loyalty, and honesty and fairness, because those are the principles that make their community strong. A trial lawyer must use the law to show his cause validates those values. In a nutshell, that’s what I try my best to do as a trial lawyer: prove to the jury that my client stands for their values.